How to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media: A Guide for Plumbing Contractors

how to increase brand awareness on social media


If you run a plumbing business, knowing how to increase brand awareness on social media becomes an invaluable skill. You can reach people across social media platforms. However, bringing more clients to your plumbing business and encouraging them to schedule services only happens if they see your brand at the top of their list of options.

Mammoth Marketing specializes in social media marketing for plumbers. Read our guide below on how to increase brand awareness for your plumbing company, then contact our trusted team for a consultation and more ideas!

Don’t Underestimate Brand Awareness

How recognizable are your plumbing company and brand to your audience? Did you know that the more awareness people have about your business, the more likely they will be to schedule services with you? 

Since social media has millions of users and phenomenal platforms for connecting businesses with their target communities, leveraging it to build brand awareness is a smart choice. Specifically, you can target the platforms your target audience uses daily to advertise your plumbing services. And why not take advantage of trends like short video snippets to impress people who might want to call you for plumbing work or advice?

Prioritize Your Social Media Presence

An amazing social media marketing strategy starts with an authentic and fun brand. Give your plumbing business a cohesive image across social media for professionalism and credibility, but don’t forget that people want authenticity and personality too. 

You can create content and hop onto trends with your own personal spin to stand out. Your efforts will boost brand awareness and build trust. And when there are more eyes on your business, you can promote your services and rise as an expert in the industry more organically.

Start by looking at video, image, and text content that encourages comments, likes, or sharing to widen your audience on social media. But remember, potential plumbing customers on social media are more likely to interact with a brand that seems genuine and exciting.

Cap It At 1 to 3 Social Media Platforms

With hundreds of social media platforms, many plumbing businesses make the mistake of signing up for too many. Choose the platform based on what your target audience uses the most. Also, don’t use more than three different platforms, or you’re bound to lose momentum.

Another tip is to start working with a trusted digital marketing business in your niche. For example, Mammoth Marketing specializes in the plumbing marketing industry and can help you make the most of your social media pages or brand awareness campaigns.

Create Relevant, Platform-Specific Content

As an experienced plumbing professional, your business has valuable knowledge and information to share with the world, and social media can help you do that with ease. If you’re wondering how to increase brand awareness on social media, refining the type of content you’re putting out is crucial. Are you changing it up with text, images, video, and other mediums? 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Share longer posts or blogs about your company’s promotions or jobs.
  • Regularly post short plumbing tips and tutorials on video-based platforms.
  • Create shareable, eye-catching infographics for image-heavy platforms.

Utilize Trends Like Hashtags Strategically

Trends often lend themselves well to plumbing business content. For example, you might make the simple decision to add hashtags like #plumbing or #localplumber to your social media posts or search ads. It’ll reach people within your service area and give you brand visibility in a competitive marketplace without extra effort or expense.

Interact with Everyone In Your Community

Building connections on social media involves interacting with prospective clients and your community, including other local businesses within your service areas. Follow them back, and foster connections by replying to any comments or questions as quickly as possible. If people see your brand as a valuable piece of their local community, they’ll be more willing to hire you.

Listen, take feedback graciously, and stay active on social media to show your brand cares.

Create a Social Media Content Plan with Mammoth Marketing Today!

That’s how to increase brand awareness on social media, but there’s so much more! And if you’d like to work with a trusted digital marketing company that recognizes the importance of social media marketing for plumbing companies, contact Mammoth Marketing!

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