What Makes an Excellent Plumbing Website Contact Page?

website contact page

While businesses often overlook their website contact page in favor of product pages or blog posts, it’s one of the most important ways to turn potential customers into paying customers. If you want to optimize your chances of converting customers, keep reading to discover the best practices for website design for plumbers.

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Customers Find It Easily

The first rule of contact page best practices is making sure customers can find it easily. If a customer can’t find the page, it doesn’t matter how well you optimize it or how easily they can use it.

Allow access from multiple places on your website, including the navigation bar, the links at the bottom of the page, and links at the end of each blog post or service page. Use clear and common language and terms like contact us, help, and support. 


You Humanize Your Staff

Anyone who’s worked in customer service knows customers always prefer to talk to a real person rather than a computer. Use the following techniques to help customers realize they’re talking to a real person:

  • Post pictures of your customer service team along with short biographies.
  • Ensure your customer service representatives introduce themselves and don’t use canned responses that make people suspect they’re talking to a computer.
  • Have your team follow up with each interaction with a personalized email, text message, or chat message.

By engaging with real people, frustrated customers can start the conversation calmly because they feel understood and cared for.


You Make It Adaptive

All the best contact page templates show that adaptive contact pages work the best, but what does that mean? Adaptive pages have multiple ways for people to input their contact information or redirect people to prompt help, depending on their answers.

The most adaptive contact pages offer:

  • Live chat for customers who prefer to chat in real-time
  • The ability to contact a team member using your email address, phone number, or a preset form
  • Multiple form fields that ask a series of questions about the customer’s issue and direct them to the fastest form of help


It Presents Centralized Options

A well-functioning website contact page provides all the contact options in one centralized place. Spreading out your contact information across several pages makes it likely your customers will give up out of frustration before they find the contact method that works best for them.

In addition to offering several forms of contact, ensure your customers don’t need to search to find the information they need.


It Uses Good Design Practices

Not every question requires talking to a real person. For example, if a customer must reset their password, they don’t want to wait for help when a simple link or FAQ page can help them.

Good website design funnels users into increasingly narrow groups depending on their needs. It first directs them to your FAQ or guides where they can handle certain issues themselves by reading a short and clearly written answer to their concern.

If they can’t find what they need there, they can seek live help either through social media interaction or a live chat on the website. Finally, if they need more complicated help, they can easily fill out a form or send an email to open a help ticket.


It Sets Realistic Expectations

While most customers don’t like waiting, they realize it’s sometimes unavoidable. You can help them avoid the frustration associated with waiting by setting realistic expectations before they even start the process.

If customers initiate contact expecting to wait only five minutes and end up waiting an hour, they’ll be much more disappointed than if they realize they must wait an hour before starting. Additionally, don’t just tell them what you think they want to hear; it only leads to disappointment. Give them realistic wait times, even if it seems excessive.


Let Mammoth Marketing Create an Effective Contact Page

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