What Should Your Plumbing Business Website Include?

what should a business website include

If you want to increase your plumbing business’s online presence, shouldn’t you have a professional-grade website? But what should a business website include to drive website traffic, increase engagement, and secure paying plumbing customers? 

Here’s what experienced website design contractors for plumbers say are the essential features of a well-constructed website.

A Defined Purpose

The answer to what a business website should include is multifaceted. The best sites have many necessary features. However, the first thing a website needs is a clear purpose. 

What’s the point? Don’t assume that everyone who visits your website will already know all about your plumbing business or services before they browse the website. Whoever is on your site’s homepage should quickly learn who you are, what you do, and where your primary service area is. 

You never want people to be confused about what your business can offer them, so make your plumbing services and goals clear and accessible.

A Basic Website Address

Complicated website addresses might help your plumbing business stand apart, but it should still be relatively simple to type. A basic web address will make it easy for people to search for your company and remember its domain name. And that’s how they will find your plumbing services when they need them. 

Usually, a simple website address with a business name or a variation of the business name is sufficient.

Professional Company Branding

People often associate professional branding with well-known, big-name companies, but it is just as important for small business owners. Branding helps people recognize your company regardless of the web page they land on during an online search. For instance, incorporating your company colors and logo on every page of your website will create a cohesive design that will be memorable to its visitors. 

Nearly anyone can create a website. However, a professional plumbing service cannot compromise; it needs a commercial-grade site. Plus, there should be vibrant colors, dynamic fonts, and relevant imagery to make the site engaging to readers. 

User-Friendly Navigation

What should a business website include besides clarity and a professional infrastructure? Even a beautiful website will lose traffic and potential sales contacts if its navigation is complex. 

Web menus help readers navigate the website’s pages to find the content they need. But plumbing companies commonly get a little too creative with these menu options, making it harder for visitors to find relevant information. Be sure to take advantage of basic menus that allow for easy navigation. 

For instance, drop-down menus are popular. People can click them and view subcategories for various pages. It makes it easy to find contact information, blog posts, or service areas.

The Business’s Contact Details

Can your web visitors find your contact information with a click? Your phone number, email address, fax number, and physical address should be very easy to find on every page. The site should also have a web page strictly for listing your contact information and a contact form so that customers can reach your plumbing business without calling it.

Essential Web Pages

Some professional websites consist of a single page with endless details about the plumbing company and its services. This website format packs in information, but it’s not scannable. Also, visitors sometimes struggle to find information when there’s too much to sift through. 

Instead, create a website with these essential web pages to categorize your content:

  • About page: While the homepage briefly summarizes the plumbing company and its services, another page should outline a longer description of your business’s abilities, services, goals, accolades, and history. 
  • Service pages: As a plumber, you likely offer multiple services. Creating a separate page describing each service tells people what they want to know about your offering.
  • Blog page: As a page for all blog posts, this section of your site helps establish industry authority, credibility, and expertise with relevant and well-crafted plumbing content.

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