Understanding the Link Between Social Media and Customer Relationship Management

social media and customer relationship management

Are you wondering if using social media is worth it for your plumbing business? Mammoth Marketing can help you understand the relationship between social media and customer relationship management.

Keep reading to discover how social media for plumbers can take your plumbing business to the next level and the benefits of social CRM.


Creates Better Insights

Consumer preferences, buying habits, and values are constantly changing, and utilizing social media helps brands shift their marketing practices and customer management much faster than traditional methods of managing customers.

While taking analytics from emails, surveys, and digital ads offers significant insights, you can’t obtain a complete picture without interacting with your customers on social media.

According to Sprout Social, a comprehensive social media management system, 91% of business owners say that social media helps them obtain a better understanding of customer habits.


Increases Visibility

With the right social media strategies, you can significantly increase your brand’s visibility beyond what you’d reach with traditional digital marketing campaigns. The best strategies include interacting with customers or other pages, and the more you interact, the more potential customers see and relate to your brand.

Your social media strategy doesn’t require a complete focus on plumbing content, though that relevant content remains important. However, posting things like stories about your staff, how you’re giving back to the community, and even funny memes can attract social media users who otherwise wouldn’t see your content.


Generates Leads

One of the most important benefits of connecting social media and customer relationship management is that it generates new leads. While you’ll experience increased visibility, that doesn’t naturally increase leads. The key to converting visibility to leads is creating engaging content.

The best social media strategies focus on the following tactics:

  • Targeted ads: When you consistently interact with customers over social media, you can better understand how to create targeted ads that communicate your brand across multiple touch points, from acquisition to follow-up.
  • ABM strategies: Using social media, you can collaborate with other service professionals, such as HVAC providers, to coordinate and joint-market to individual accounts. By sharing data with non-competitors, you can offer joint deals or promotions that benefit everyone.
  • Proactive care: When you listen to your audience on social media, you can create opportunities that can surprise them with joyful moments or exclusive opportunities that meet their needs. Proactive customer care creates loyal and excited consumers.


Improves Customer Care

Fostering customer interactions through social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving customer care. Use the following methods to create satisfied customers:

  • Live chat: Many social media platforms contain a live chat feature that allows you to quickly respond to customer concerns and questions, which leaves them satisfied and feeling cared for. While you can utilize bot commands or AI to respond to customers outside of business hours, they’ll stay even more satisfied if they can consistently talk with a real person. Customers love it when they don’t have to wait for an email or a returned phone call.
  • Public relations: No business is perfect, so if you make a mistake or must respond to something happening in the community, social media allows you to reach a wide range of people who might not see a press release or visit your website.
  • Social listening: This practice refers to monitoring your social media channels to learn where third parties or customers mention your brand and in what context. By understanding how others talk about you, you can create more comprehensive strategies for care.


Connects Your Sales Funnel

Effectively managing your social media accounts improves customer engagement and thus connects your sales funnel from acquisition through booking.

When customers have to bounce between platforms to find, understand, and book your service, you lose more customers at each step. By streamlining the process, you retain more customers and generate more sales.


Let Mammoth Marketing Improve Your Customer Relationship Management

When you better understand the connection between social media and customer relationship management, you can harness the best social media strategy for plumbers and grow your customers, sales, and profit. Mammoth Marketing can help you design and execute a social media customer relationship management strategy that works for you.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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