How To Effectively Optimize the Mobile PPC Advertising of Your Plumbing Company

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If your plumbing company is interested in reaching a wider audience and getting more clients, mobile PPC is one effective strategy to try. Mobile PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns let your business use specific, service-related keywords to target your ideal audience. You can increase brand awareness and grow your plumbing business with a larger clientele while running mobile PPC campaigns.

Learn about the best strategies for plumbing business mobile PPC campaigns and explore more about PPC advertising for plumbing companies. Mammoth Marketing specifically works with plumbing companies to help them achieve optimal growth and their marketing goals.


Craft a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

With so many people finding businesses on their mobile devices, it’s impossible not to consider your mobile audience. While focusing on desktop audience members is vital, you can’t neglect a large portion of potential clients.

Mobile landing pages need to have quick loading speeds and fit mobile screens without any issues. You should have a clear call-to-action, a smooth display, and a site that appeals to mobile viewers. Testing how your page looks across mobile devices is a great way to see where you can improve.


Schedule Ads and Target Specific Locations

When running a mobile PPC ad campaign, you can precisely pinpoint one of your service areas for incredible convenience. Additionally, you might run multiple campaigns for various service areas to reach more people.

You can also schedule your ads to run at the best times for gaining reach. You’ll want to determine when your mobile audience is most active, then concentrate your ads around those times. Combining that with geotargeting makes for an effective PPC campaign. Remember to include compelling and relevant ad copy, too!


Create an Effective and Attention-Grabbing Headline

Your headline can make or break the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Although it’s short, your headline needs to draw in your audience and convince them to schedule your services. You can ask them to request a quote, book a consultation, or connect with your plumbing business.


Separate Mobile PPC Ad Campaigns

While you might run other types of PPC ad campaigns, it’s vital to keep mobile ads separate. This allows you to focus on specific techniques for each type of ad.

Mobile PPC requires careful concentration on how to make your ads better for mobile devices and a mobile audience. Some tips for crafting the most effective mobile PPC ad include:

  • Creating ads with different A/B elements to see which features audiences like best
  • Making the most of your word count by eliminating fluff or irrelevant copy
  • Not approaching mobile ads the same way you would desktop campaigns


Learn About Your Target Audience

You can have a more precise and efficient marketing plan if you first learn who your audience is. Researching to uncover important demographics may help you produce a relevant ad that appeals to these people. Once you know who your target audience is and what they need, you can show them how your plumbing business offers exactly what they require.


Pair Mobile PPC Ads With Social Media Ads

Running mobile PPC ads is a great way to improve your marketing strategy and reach more people. However, you might find that trying multiple marketing methods is helpful for your plumbing company. Consider crafting social media posts and using social media ads alongside mobile PPC.


Use Targeted, Mobile-Specific Keywords

Some keywords are more effective for mobile advertising than others. Performing some research to learn about what your mobile audience is looking for and how you can meet their needs is key. Analytics and research can help you make the most out of your plumbing advertisements and use your budget effectively.


Contact Mammoth Marketing for Assistance With Your Plumbing Company’s Mobile PPC Ads

If you’re curious about PPC trends and establishing a strong social media presence for your plumbing business, Mammoth Marketing is here to help. We understand some of the most effective marketing strategies for plumbing companies and have helped many reach a larger audience. 

We hope you’ve learned more about mobile PPC, but we’re happy to help if you still have any questions. Mammoth Marketing is ready to help you take your plumbing company to new heights. Call us today at (206) 590-4689 or schedule a free consultation with our team.

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