How to Run Engaging Social Media Contests for Your Plumbing Company

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There are more than five billion users on social media, each spending around 30% of their entire time on the web on these platforms. Unsurprisingly, more businesses are taking their social media strategy more seriously, and plumbing companies are not left behind!

More plumbing companies are using social media to build brand awareness, engage with their audience, and generate new leads. One way they achieve this is by running social media contests. How can you do it for your plumbing company?

In this post, Mammoth Marketing, experts in managing social media for plumbers, will discuss how you can run engaging social media contests for your plumbing company.


Why Do Social Media Contests Work So Well?

Social media contests remain super effective in attracting social media engagement and building awareness around a brand because they dig deep into human psychology. Everybody wants to win free stuff. Getting people to participate in contests is easy if the carrot dangling overhead is big enough.

The contest prize may be a minor expense for your company, but it’s a big deal for the average social media user. Therefore, they will participate and share contest details with their close circle. The result is the high levels of engagement you see on most social media contests.


How Do You Run the Perfect Social Media Contest for Your Plumbing Company?

You can run effective social media contests for your plumbing company by doing the following:

Decide on Your Goals

What would you like to achieve with the social media contests? Would you like to raise awareness for expanding plumbing services to a new area? Maybe you want to grow your social media following or capture leads for your new email list.

A social media contest is not effective unless there’s a goal attached to it.

Pick the Right Platform

You can achieve good results by holding contests on any social media platform. However, as any digital marketing enthusiast will attest, some platforms are better fits than others.

As a plumbing company, most members of your target audience (homeowners) are on Facebook. You should consider running your contests there first. However, other platforms like X (Twitter) and Instagram can also work.

Choose the Right Type of Contest

If you want people to participate in your contests, you have to make them creative and engaging. Common contest ideas for plumbing companies include:

  • Photo contests. You can ask your audience to show off plumbing fixtures, DIY work they completed, etc.
  • Trivia. Throw a plumbing-related question to your audience and offer a prize for the fastest correct answer.
  • Best caption wins. These contests involve sharing a funny plumbing image and asking your followers and other social media users to take a stab at giving it the funniest caption.

Make the Rules Clear

The rules for any online promotions you’re running should be clear and easy enough for anyone to decipher. We recommend including entry rules that drive you closer to the contest’s goal. For example, you can ask participants to reshare your posts, follow your account, or use specific hashtags.

Choose Great Prizes

Audience participation is highest when the prize is valuable. For a plumbing company, it’s easy to offer a free service or a gift card as the prize to be won. However, it won’t draw as many participants compared to when you offer a smart thermostat, for example, or a full set of DIY tools.

The bottom line: ensure that the prize for winning your contest is enough to make people pause for a moment.

Engage Participants

While your contest is ongoing, it’s essential to stay active, responding to questions and comments and even leaving remarks on the submissions from your audience. It’s an excellent way to make the contest look more credible. You can also steer discussions toward the plumbing services you offer.

Announce a Winner

Be sure to announce the winner at the time you agreed and give them their prize. The feedback from the satisfied contest participants is excellent social proof for your next contest.


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