How To Design an Email That Drives Action and Boosts Engagement

how to design an email

Is your email list suffering from low readership or click-through rates? You’ll benefit from learning how to design an email that’s engaging and enticing to your readers.

As part of our digital marketing services, Mammoth Marketing offers plumbing email marketing that can increase your conversion rates and take your profits to the next level.


Remember the Metrics

To help focus your efforts, know the metrics you want to improve. The most important performance measurements include:

  • Open rate: This is the percentage of recipients who open the email rather than delete it or leave it unopened.
  • Click-through rates: CTR measures the percentage of links people click on in all your emails.
  • Conversion rate: The conversion rate shows the percentage of people who book your services or follow the call to action. 
  • Unsubscribe rate: You want this measurement low as it communicates the percentage of people who find your emails irrelevant or bothersome.


Create Enticing Subjects

One of the most important email tips is creating an engaging subject line because it’s the first thing people read. To increase the likelihood that customers open your email, make sure the subject line:

  • Stays short: Subject lines between three to five words perform the best.
  • Creates urgency: If customers feel they’ll miss out on a deal, they’re more likely to click. However, avoid sounding spammy.
  • Uses numbers: Using specific numbers, statistics, or savings percentages helps the customer know what they have to gain from opening the email.
  • Isn’t spammy: Avoid using all capitalized numbers or excessive exclamation points, as it communicates a lack of quality.
  • Stays personal: Using the customer’s name or location can make them feel like they’re getting an exclusive deal.


Optimize Preview Text

The short blurb customers see before they open the email should contain the most important information. In just a few words, you should tell them what they’ll miss if they don’t open the email.


Consider Mobile Viewing

Since almost all of your customers own mobile devices, optimizing your email for viewing on mobile phones is one of the most important email design best practices. Keep the text concise and use ample headings so customers can scan it easily. 


Use Graphics

When learning how to design an email, consider using graphics to communicate as much as possible. In today’s fast-paced world, many users feel they don’t have the time to read large amounts of text. While you can expand on the basic points with text, if you can communicate all the essential information with a picture or infographic, you’ll see much higher conversion rates.


Make It Interactive

To keep your readers engaged, add interactive elements like polls, videos, GIFs, and quizzes. If your customers enjoyed reading your email, they’ll feel more comfortable clicking on links and feel like they’re doing you a favor by giving you their business.


Create a Clear Call to Action

Your CTA guides readers to a location where they can buy your services, but confusing calls prevent potential customers from clicking through to your website. The following practices help create the best calls to action:

  • Use a clear and strong verb like call, buy, or win.
  • Place the call to action near the top half of the email.
  • Emphasize the phrase with a different font or color text.
  • Use a link that leads directly to the page you want the customer to take action on, such as your booking page.


Divide Your Email List

If you have an email newsletter list, you might think sending your email to the most people possible increases your chances they’ll open it. However, you want to target the customers your content engages the most. Divide your list by demographics and other important factors to increase your open rate.


Test Different Content

A/B testing is the practice of sending out two emails with similar content but different formats and other details, like pictures. By testing which content performs best, you can fine-tune your methods and save yourself time and energy in the future.


Let Mammoth Marketing Increase Your Email Engagement

Now that you know how to design an email, Mammoth Marketing can help you write plumbing content that creates loyal and repeat customers. With our digital marketing services, you’ll watch your plumbing business thrive like never before—contact us today!

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