Boosting Your Plumbing Business: How to Improve Google Ad Rank for Maximum Visibility

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As a plumber in the digital age, a significant portion of your clients will find you through a Google search.  

Most of them will find one of your ranking service pages or blog posts in the search results. Others will find your Google Business Profile when Google serves up a list of plumbers in the local area as part of relevant search results.

Google Ads presents an even better opportunity as it allows you to serve highly targeted marketing messages to attract these clients. However, the visibility of the ads hinges heavily on your Google ad rank. If your rank isn’t high enough, your Google ad campaigns will not generate the results you want.

How can you improve your Google ad rank? Mammoth Marketing, the expert in digital marketing for plumbers, covers the details in this post.


What Is Google Ad Rank?

Google Ad rank is a metric that determines where your plumbing ads will appear when someone enters a relevant search on Google. Plumbers with a robust digital marketing strategy pay attention to it because ad position matters a great deal in search engine advertising.

Adverts with a high ad rank often have a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) than those with a lower rank. Therefore, if you’re using Google Ads as a channel to drive traffic, build reputation, and generate more leads for your plumbing business, you need to ensure you have a high enough Google Ad rank.


The Major Influencers of Your Plumbing Business’s Google Ad Rank and How to Improve Them

The major influencing factors for Google Ad Rank include the following:

Your Quality Score

The Quality Score tells you what Google thinks about your plumbing ad’s relevance. Some of the factors Google looks at in allotting a score include:

  • Your current and expected ad CTR.
  • The presence of relevant keywords in your ad copy.
  • Your landing page’s previous CTR (if you’ve used it for another ad campaign).
  • The quality of the landing page when potential leads click on your ads.
  • The overall performance of the ads on different devices.

How to Improve Your Current Quality Score

  • Go over your current landing page to ensure it matches the search intent for the keyword you’re targeting.
  • Infuse some negative keywords to reduce the likelihood of your ads appearing in irrelevant searches and throwing off your performance metrics.
  • Run a keyword optimization campaign to ensure your keywords are directly relevant to the rest of the ad copy.
  • Run a responsive search ad campaign to see if it will boost relevance.

Your Bid

Assuming you already have a high enough quality score, showing a willingness to pay more per click than other plumbers in the local area can improve your Google ad rank.

Keep in mind that a higher bid than other plumbers is not enough to offset the impact of other factors we’ve looked at here.

How to Change Your Bid Strategy to Boost Ad Rank

  • Remove any bid limit or target you have in place to allow Google to automate the bidding process for you.
  • Test as many bidding strategies as possible to find what works and what doesn’t.
  • Bid more on high-value keywords.

The Extensions You Use

Many plumbing businesses don’t consider extensions when thinking about how to improve Google ad rank. Extensions are those add-ons that appear underneath your ad copy. They could be links to other pages, clickable phone numbers, and more.

How to Improve Ad Rank With Google Extensions

The best way to improve your Google ad rank using extensions is to use as many of them as you can. Google will determine which ones to use based on relevance. The extensions work because they increase the size of the ad display, making it harder to miss. The boost in CTR will improve your Quality Score, resulting in a higher rank.


Choose Mammoth Marketing for Your Google Ad Campaign Management

Is your Google ad rank too low, and you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong? Do you need help improving your click-through rate in Google ads? Mammoth Marketing can help.

We excel at helping plumbing companies transform their digital marketing strategy.

Call Mammoth Marketing today at (206) 672-3021 to schedule a consultation.

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